Chiltern Choir

'Easy Fundraising'

If you do any shopping on-line (e.g., with Amazon or e-bay) you can support the Choir at no cost to yourself.

The simple way: Just use the following customised links for a few of the most popular on-line shopping sites – the Choir will automatically get a donation from the supplier for any purchases you make.

Top Tip: as soon as you arrive at the supplier's web page using these special links, simply bookmark the address and use that link thereafter. You won't need to return to this page on the Choir website in future, and all your account details will work exactly as normal.

However, this is just a small subset of all participating retailers; there is a better way...

The better way: Register with the 'easyfundraising' site,

They need only your name and your email address. By registering, you'll get access to other options, such as being able to track how much money you've raised for the Choir.

The easyfundraising web site then provides a 'portal' to well over 3,000 supporting retailers, including most major supermarkets (Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s...), many travel companies (e.g.,,, comparison web sites (including uSwitch, Go Compare), insurance companies (LVE, Aviva...) ... the list isn't quite endless, it just seems like that!

To raise money, instead of going directly to the retailer's website, log in to easyfundraising first, and select the retailer with whom you want to shop (there's a straightforward search facility).
Do this whenever you shop on-line, especially for major items (holidays, electrical goods, insurance...) – the chances are good that your retailer of choice supports the easyfundraising scheme.

You’ll then be taken to the retailer’s website (via a special link) where you shop exactly as you would normally.
Because you visited easyfundraising first, the Choir then automatically gets a donation (typically 1% of anything you spend). It really is that simple.

Once you have got to any particular retailer's site this way, you can bookmark it, and go direct through the bookmarked link thereafter.


There are no catches or hidden charges! So get shopping – funds will be collected by easyfundraising and automatically sent to the Choir bank account. We have already raised hundreds of pounds through members' on-line shopping, and it couldn’t be easier!

More details on the easyfundraising web site, here.