Chiltern Choir

Privacy statement

When you use our email address to contact us, or contact us by any other method, we will only use your personal data for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. Thereafter we will delete it, unless you give us permission to store and use it further. We are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and follow their recommendations for our data security.

We do not disclose, sell or lease any personal data to third parties unless we have your permission, or are required to do so by law.

Our website contains links to other websites. If you use them we cannot be held responsible for any information you provide them with, or they collect from you, by your action of using our site. The Chiltern Choir website is the only site we are responsible for.

During concerts or other events we may take photographs. These may, by chance, contain members of the audience. We take reasonable care to ensure such members cannot be identified and will not knowing publish photographs without your permission.

If you post any information on our facebook page, or any other related pages, please be aware that the information is available to the general public. The Chiltern Choir cannot control who accesses it and is not responsible for its distribution or use by any third party.